The Disappearing Village

by brightwaterarchive

The Disappearing Village

This intriguing painting entitled ‘Village on the Moor’ is rumoured to depict the “disappearing village” upon the Black Meadow which is situated off the Whiteway Heads Road (North York Moors).

It is said to have been painted in the mid 19th century and is now in storage at Castle Howard near York. (Brightwater file 789)

N.B. The damage on the painting is due to the nature its original location. It was discovered inside a tin box in an abandoned gamekeeper’s cottage on the grounds (of the site) of Fylingdales House.

The exact location of Fylingdales House is unknown. All of the references and co-ordinates have been censored on the original documents and no maps exist that refer to the house. When questioned about the censorship of these documents by Professor Mullins in 1961 an unnamed Whitehall official stated that “it is a matter of public safety that the location not be revealed”.

There are those that say that RAF Fylingdales itself may have been built on the actual site. This is speculation and there is no proof to suggest that this is the case.