Telegram from Member of Brightwater Team Reveals Troubling Information

by brightwaterarchive


A recent telegram taken from the archive reveals the strain and possible danger that the Brightwater team faced on a daily basis. It frustratingly opens up further questions rather than answers.

Who are the family to whom this refers?

What are the “spheres”?

Why do they need 15 more workers and spades?

What is the surveying equipment for?

Note the reference to the “mist rising”. Is this code? Surely a mist is so inconsequential as to not need mentioning in a telegram.

And for a member of this scientific team to ask for prayer, a team lead by outspoken atheist Lord Brightwater is strange indeed.

The key question for those searching through the archive is to find the identities of members of Brightwater’s team. Who wrote this? What was happening on the 10th December 1931?